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The year 2014 started with a pretty big revolution in the domain industry: several new gTLDs are leaving the pre-order phase and entering the General Availability period.

This means that as of .TODAY, not only TLDs like .BIKE or .CAMERA are perfectly valid, but it's also possible to register your or domain name.

In the last months we received several support requests about the new gTLDs. I'm happy to announce that we have expanded our DNS hosting so it covers all new gTLDs.

You can add a new gTLD domain to your account, manage the DNS records and even purchase an SSL certificate (as long as the TLD is supported by our certificate authority).

We currently support all the newly delegated gTLDs, regardless of whether the TLD has reached General Availabily or not. This means you can already start adding your reserved domains today, and they will resolve as soon as you are able to delegate the name servers to us.

*Please note, we currently don't support domain registration or transfer for those new gTLDs.* We are considering offering domain registration and transfer support in the future, but we have not yet determined which of the new gTLDs we will offer for registration.

If you want to buy a domain, we also support domain registration for several new gTLDs.

But there is more! As a DNS hosting company, we realize that sometimes you may need to manage a DNS zone for a domain that is technically a not-registerable domain name. For this reason, we're also introducing experimental support for valid, fully-qualified domain DNS hosting.

Simply add the domain, configure the records and point your local resolvers to the DNSimple name servers.

Please note that this feature should be considered experimental. We may decide to change or disable it in the future, and you may encounter some bugs we haven't been able to capture with our initial testing.

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