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SSL certificate installation wizard

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Purchasing and installing an SSL certificate is (most of the time) not a simple task. But one of DNSimple's goals is to design a user experience that makes hard tasks simple.

In the past we introduced the wizard to purchase an SSL certificate hiding all the complex tasks of generating a key and a CSR. Then we simplified the renewal of an existing SSL certificate by introducing a specific wizard for this task.

However, we knew that the process could be even simpler. We sampled the most frequent customer requests, and we decided we had to work to provide a better experience to install an SSL certificate. The result of this work is a brand new SSL certificate installation wizard.

There are many things you need to deal when installing an SSL certificate: server configuration, SSL intermediate chain, private key, etc. If you have ever tried to install an SSL certificate, you know perfectly what I'm talking about!

This wizard attempts to simplify the most common installation scenarios. We provide instructions about installing the certificate on popular webservers such as Apache and Nginx, and we (finally!) provide an easy guide to install the certificate on Heroku.

Select, the scenario, download the files and follow the instructions. You don't need to bundle your chain manually anymore. Forget the days where you had to understand if server.pem was your private key, chain bundle or certificate bundle.

Along with the SSL certificate installation wizard, we're also increasing the number of support articles in the SSL Certificates category.

Finally, if you would like to help out, we'd still like support articles for both IIS and Azure. If you are a developer on either of these platforms and are interested in writing an article, please feel free email us or send us a pull request via the dnsimple-support project on GitHub.

Tell us what you think by emailing or sending a tweet to @dnsimple - we look forward to your feedback.

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