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Making secondary DNS configuration simple

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Just a few weeks ago, we announced support for secondary DNS support. We received a lot of feedback, and we are truly overwhelmed by your support.

One of the most common questions to our support was about the recommended secondary DNS providers and configuration settings. Your feedback is important for us, and we decided to put some more effort to make secondary DNS even simpler.

Today, we are happy to announce pre-configured setups for 2 commonly used secondary DNS providers: EasyDNS and DNSMadeEasy. We are planning to add more to the list soon.

Here is how it works: Upon selecting a provider, the correct IP and name server information will be pre-populated for you. This simplifies the process quite a bit and you could be up and running your secondary DNS in a few clicks.

Secondary DNS provider configuration

We also keep a "custom" option if you need more control over the configuration or your provider is not supported yet.

We hope this new feature will help you replicate your zones across multiple DNS providers in an easy way. Let us know what you think!

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