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Using multiple accounts to segment the business

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In June we released a new feature that allows DNSimple customers to manage multiple accounts with the same user. The most common scenario to use multiple accounts is when you want to manage both personal and business domains with the same DNSimple credentials, but you want to keep the accounts separate for billing purposes.

Today I want to explore a different way to use the multi-account feature to organize your domains so that you can take advantage of the different levels of service and price-per-domain.

Let's suppose you have several domains you want to manage with DNSimple. As you probably know, the new plans are differentiated on the basis of features rather than number of domain hosted; therefore, domains are priced differently depending on the quality of service provided by the subscribed plan.

If you have several domains, it's likely not all of them are equally important. You may have your corporate domain which is the most important one, and several domains you use for staging environments or testing for example.

With the multi-account feature you can have two accounts, one subscribed to a Business plan and another with a Professional plan. On the Business plan you could save your primary and most important domains, whereas on the Professional plan you could save the less important ones. As price-per domain is lower on Professional plans, if you segment your domains into different accounts depending on the level of service you need, you will likely save money.

Business plans also have priority support. Therefore, any support request for a domain in a business account will jump to the top of our queue. If you are reselling our services, you can offer different levels of service to your customers and move the domains between accounts based on which service your customer is subscribed to.

The multi-account feature is currently available to all DNSimple customers. Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions about this article or how to manage multiple accounts.

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