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Announcing DNSimple webhooks

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A powerful API has always been a core feature of DNSimple. We expose all kinds of API endpoints, and with API v2 we have made the DNSimple API even better. Today I am pleased to announce the developer release of the second major addition to our API toolkit: DNSimple webhooks.

React to Events with Webhooks

Webhooks are a mechanism that allows any application that can listen to HTTPS POSTs to receive notification of events as they occur. With webhooks you can now react to events like domain registrations, transfers, renewals, automatic renewals, zone changes, and a whole lot more.

Registering Webhooks

There are two ways to register webhooks: through the DNSimple web UI, or through the DNSimple API v2.

To add register a webhook through the DNSimple web site:

Log in and go to your account page and click on the Webhooks tab on the left.

Click the New Webhook button.

Enter the webhook URL and save the webhook.

Now whenever an event is triggered in your account, an HTTP POST will be sent to the URL you provided.

You may deregister a webhook through the same interface:

To register and deregister webhooks via the API, you should use the webhooks API endpoint.

Please note: webhooks are only available to customers on Personal, Professional, or Business plans, or on one of our reseller plans.


Webhooks take your DNSimple integration to another level, letting you respond to events that happen in your account regardless of whether they are performed through the UI or through the API.

Here are a few simple examples of how you might use them:

  • Listen for Webhooks and post announcements in your team's Slack channel.
  • Listen for auto-renewal events and automatically handle billing your customers for those renewals.
  • Keep a local audit trail of all domain registrations done through your account.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Webhooks to create better integrations with DNSimple and make your domains simpler to operate and grow.

Get Started

To get started, take a look at the Webhook documentation on our developer site and start implementing your own webhook handlers today.

Since this is a developer release, we'd love to have your feedback on how we can make our webhooks even better. Please feel free to drop a note to with your comments and suggestions.

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