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Publish DNSimple events to a Slack channel

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A few days ago Anthony announced the DNSimple webhooks, one of the features of the new DNSimple platform API and part of the DNSimple API v2.

At DNSimple we are big fan of Slack, we use it to communicate with other team members but also to aggregate the notifications from the various services we use:

I guess you know where I'm heading to, right…?

One of the first integrations we decided to build in order to dogfood our webhooks and also our API clients is a service to broadcast all the changes in our company DNSimple account to the Slack channel. Here's the result:

But this is not the exciting news. The really exciting news is that we've just open sourced it!.

DNSimple Strillone

The app is called Strillone. It's a Go application designed to run on Heroku, and it uses our official Go client for API v2.

The service listens to incoming webhooks and publishes them to a Slack channel. It currently supports Slack only, but it is designed to easily integrate new services, such as HipChat or Campfire (pull requests are welcomed).

It requires zero configuration. The Slack channel details are passed in the URL, hence you can also use the same instance to monitor multiple accounts and send the notifications to different services. Just create a webhook for each service/account combination.

More details about the configuration are available in the README.

Strillone is just an example of what you can do with our new webhooks. We can't wait to see what amazing integrations you will create!

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