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Manage your domains like a ninja with these few keyboard shortcuts

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I have been using our keyboard shortcuts for a few months now, and even though they are basic, they totally make me look like a bad ass (at least in front of my family) when I manage my personal domains with DNSimple. You should try them out.

My most used shortcut is without a doubt the forward slash /. From any page, I can quickly get to the search bar and start typing the domain that I am looking for. Usually with a couple of characters, the domain that I was looking for is highlighted, and by just pressing return, I am already looking at it. Once I am there, I am usually either going to check the DNS records by pressing e (short for "edit") or the SSL certificates, by pressing s (short for "SSL"). Double checking if I applied my one-click service is just a o away (short for "one-click").

Once I am done with the basic tasks, I press h (short for "home") where I scan the dashboard alerts area in case I need to renew a domain or certificate. We have a few useful shortcuts, you can see them all by pressing ? or by pointing your mouse to the footer of our site and clicking on "Keyboard Shortcuts". It's currently the last link under tools.

Keyboard shortcuts are a just a small step towards making our site as accessible as possible during the next few months. We look forward to improve our site for customers with visual impairments by testing our flows with high contrast screens, screen-readers, etc… Our basic research shows that it works, but we have found some room for improvement.

I hope I have piqued your interest over our keyboard shortcuts. As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or suggestions for improvements that you'd like to see in our app.

Now, go and / forward those domains!

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