As of April 30th, 2017, CentralNic has shut down several second-level TLDs. If you have a domain registered with any of the following second-level TLDs, you will be unable to renew the domain once it expires. Additionally, new domains are no longer be allowed under these TLDs and the zones for these TLDs will no longer be present in the registry name servers.

The second-level TLDs are:

  • .AR.COM
  • .GB.COM
  • .HU.COM
  • .KR.COM
  • .QC.COM
  • .NO.COM
  • .SE.COM
  • .UY.COM

These second-level TLDs are being discontinued by the registry, and thus will no longer be available from any domain registrar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.