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Welcome Maria Munuera!

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I am pleased to welcome Maria Munuera to the DNSimple team. Maria started her career as a designer working remotely from Torino for Madrid, and the remote thing stuck. Since then she's worked from Cancun for Berlin, from Toronto for Reykjavik, from Madrid for New York. Her experience makes her a great fit for DNSimple distributed team. She is joining to assist Sebastian in the ongoing user experience evolution of the DNSimple site.

Maria Munuera

As a design systems enthusiast, her path goes from a small refined design studio to one of the world biggest technology consultancies.

While living by the Caribbean Sea, her curiosity and drive took her to bootstrap her own startup, Method of Action, a platform to learn design through increasingly difficult challenges.

In her free time she is a mentor in a Product Design Master's degree, she publishes her recipes, or creates a Westworld Telegram Sticker pack.

She organized the First Spanish Stupid Hackathon creating its brand, its website and participating with the project BadumTss, a karaokee for intrumental songs.

Two weeks ago Sebastian told her we use vue.js. To learn how it works she has published today her new pet project: A recipe calculator using vuejs.

You can find her on Github, Twitter, and you can see all of her work on her portfolio.

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Anthony Eden

I break things so Simone continues to have plenty to do. I occasionally have useful ideas, like building a domain and DNS provider that doesn't suck.

We think domain management should be easy.
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