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Go API client 0.6x series, DNSControl, Terraform, and more

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The Go API client is one of the most adopted DNSimple API clients, either directly or indirectly through one of the numerous integrations that uses our domain and zone API, such as Terraform or Kubernetes external-dns.

Over the last few weeks, we've been busy integrating a lot of feedback from customers and various project communities. I'm happy to announce that the 0.60 series is out – with a number of improvements.

If you're using one of those integrations, makes sure to download the updates to take advantage of the new changes.

Here's a short description of the most important updates:

Go contexts

All the client methods are now context-aware.

tc := dnsimple.StaticTokenHTTPClient(context.Background(), "your-token")
client := dnsimple.NewClient(tc)

ctx := ...
whoamiResponse, err := client.Identity.Whoami(ctx)

If your applicaton is not context aware, you just need to pass the background context.

tc := dnsimple.StaticTokenHTTPClient(context.Background(), "your-token")
client := dnsimple.NewClient(tc)

whoamiResponse, err := client.Identity.Whoami(context.Background())

Exported response types

Response-types are now exported. This simplifies the integration, in particular testing, as you can now reference (and instantiate) a dnsimple response struct in your tests.

Optional values

We fixed multiple issues related to Golang zero-values that caused bugs when updating a zone record without specifying a name, or when specifying listing options.

As a result, you'll need to use pointers in certain scenarios, such as the ListOptions.

str := "com"
client.Domains.ListDomains(context.Background(), accountID, &dnsimple.DomainListOptions{NameLike: &str)

The client offers convenient helpers to continue using literals without explicitly creating a variable container:

client.Domains.ListDomains(context.Background(), accountID, &dnsimple.DomainListOptions{NameLike: dnsimple.String("com"))


If you want to learn more about the changes, take a look at the CHANGELOG for the complete list.

Our API is a powerful collection of endpoints. For a quick introduction, take a look at What you can do with the DNSimple API.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or if you find any issues.

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