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Now Supporting IPv6 Endpoints for Primary and Secondary DNS Hosting

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At DNSimple, we've supported IPv4 and IPv6 on our authoritative DNS for many years. We've recently seen an increase in demand for IPv6 on our zone transfer service for Secondary DNS, so we added support for IPv6 on both Primary and Secondary DNS Hosting AXFR zone transfers.

Why IPv6 matters

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules that allows devices to communicate over a network. Two versions of IP coexist today, IPv4 and IPv6. IPv6 is progressively replacing IPv4 to accommodate the growing number of networks worldwide. With an infinite number of IP addresses, IPv6 helps solve the IP address exhaustion problem of IPv4.

DNSimple supports both Primary and Secondary DNS hosting so we can provide higher availability and fault tolerance to your DNS setup. Adding IPv6 support to the existing IPv4 enabled stack gives you additional tools to provision your Primary/Secondary on dual-stack or IPv6-only server configurations.

How does it work?

If you're running your own Secondary DNS network, you may need to add support for IPv6 in your AXFR transfer configurations. If you're using a hosted Secondary DNS provider that doesn't support IPv6, they might want to update their systems.

You can learn more about our Secondary DNS Hosting service in our support documentation. Details for DNSimple as Primary DNS hosting service are available here. And you'll find sections on IPv6 enabled DNS setups in both of these support docs.


Support for IPv6 in our AXFR service helps you achieve higher uptime and offers a redundancy mechanism if part of the IPv4/IPv6 network stack fails. If you're looking to improve your Secondary DNS resilience, you'll want to take advantage of our new IPv6 support.

Ready to get started with DNSimple as your Primary or Secondary DNS provider? Try us free for 30 days. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about IPv4 and IPv6 DNS configurations, or anything else related to domain management automation.

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