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Improving DNSimple's Domain Management APIs

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We build DNSimple around making DNS easier through automation, and we recently revisited our main registrar interactions — registrations, transfers, and renewals — to make our API and UI even better. We've shipped many small improvements in our registrar endpoints, but let's start with the highlight:

You can now retrieve the status of domain registrations and domain renewals from a dedicated API endpoint, just like you can for domain transfers. This means you no longer have to guess when the registration, transfer, or renewal of a premium name is completed or if registrar maintenance had an impact. We'll let you know as soon as the action is complete or if there was an issue.

This latest update is available across all plans, and is especially useful for enterprise clients and resellers. If you're interested in becoming a reseller, we support everything you need through our simple-to-use HTTP REST API. Get in touch to talk more about how our streamlined DNS management and registration can simplify your work.

How can I get set up?

On our developer platform, you'll find the documentation to access the endpoints for domain registration, transfer, and renewal. We've also added new webhooks you can listen to for the latest information about the state of your registration. These basic webhooks are fired as soon as the registration, transfer, or renewal is completed:

  • domain.register
  • domain.transfer
  • domain.renew

If you want more information, the endpoints below bring you a consistent experience across all registrar interactions. You'll be notified when it starts, completes, or cancels, so you won't miss a thing.

  • domain.transfer:started
  • domain.transfer:canceled
  • domain.renew:started
  • domain.renew:canceled
  • domain.register:started
  • domain.register:canceled

A record of everything

All these events are not only sent to you as a webhook, they're recorded in your accounts activity log, so you can always reconcile who triggered an action and when. You'll also receive email feedback so you don't need to log in to check the status of your domain.

Registrations, renewals, and transfers will immediately trigger an email sent to your account email address informing you about the current state of the process. If it's not finished immediately, you'll receive another email when the registration, transfer, or renewal is completed.

Example of a registration successful e-mail Example of a registration canceled e-mail

Working globally with registrars and registries with a wide range of policies, sometimes things don't quite work as intended. In these unlikely cases, we make sure you receive the most detailed feedback available so you can resolve the issue and start over.

Love our API but also like using the web app? Our improved interface in the domain details card means you can always stay on top of what's going on with your registration, transfer, or renewal with up-to-date information about the estimated completion date of the current operation.

Animated example showing a loading indicator on the domain registration pending card

Better than ever

We've always supported registrations, transfers, and renewals via the API. But after working with various registrar partners and registries, we realized we needed to support sync and async flows for all registrar products. And with these new improvements, our API is better than ever.Check out this post for even more reasons why you should register and manage your domains with DNSimple

Interested in becoming a reseller? Read more here or get in touch, we'd love to chat.

If you have more questions or want to learn more, we're always happy to help. Take a look at our developer documentation, or drop us a line and we'll get you the answers you need.

Not using DNSimple yet? Give us a try free for 30 days for whatever you're building next — we'll make your domain registration and management as simple as possible.

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