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What's New at DNSimple - September 2023

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It's time for another edition of DNSimple's Feature Focus! We've spent the last couple months continuing to improve and simplify your DNS management, including an easier way to transfer your Google domains, and two new Integrated Providers.

Let's chat about what we've improved, simplified, and added. Click the links in any of the sections below to learn more about each feature. If you're not using DNSimple yet, find the right plan for you, and give all these features and more a try free for 30 days.

Google Domains Transfer Extension

If you're frustrated by Google Domains shutting down and don't want your domains transferred to Squarespace, we've got a solution. Our Chrome Transfer Extension makes it easy to transfer your domains to DNSimple with zero downtime. For more on how this Chrome extension works, check out our feature release post.

Why would you want to transfer your domains to DNSimple? Great question, thanks for asking. We wrote this post to help convince you, or check out our case studies to hear from companies who love using DNSimple.

CoreDNS - Integrated DNS Provider

Our new CoreDNS integration is designed to bridge the gap between cloud-hosted and on-premise authoritative DNS services. It gives system and network administrators who deploy CoreDNS on their networks visibility and control of their DNS zones — all from within DNSimple.

Configuring CoreDNS is easy, but CoreDNS zones are managed with text files, which quickly becomes cumbersome. This integration simplifies zone management by synchronizing zones in DNSimple directly to connected CoreDNS servers, while not exposing the servers to the public Internet. This article walks you through syncing your managed zones with CoreDNS.

GoDaddy - Integrated Domain Provider

Ditch the upsell hell of GoDaddy's interface and view your domains directly in DNSimple.

With this feature, you'll be able to see your GoDaddy domains in DNSimple, along with their registration details: contact information, name server delegations, and renewal information. This gives you visibility into all your domains and tools to help you easily move from one provider to another. We've also created a notification center to alert you of any changes to your domains since your last login. We've got more details in this post, or head to our support repo to learn how to link your GoDaddy domains to your DNSimple account.

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DNSimple delivers simple, secure domain management for even the most complex domain portfolios. And with all the innovative new features we've been rolling out, now is the perfect time to sign up. Give us a try free for 30 days to see what all the fuss is about.

And as always, if you have any questions about your DNS configuration, domain management, or the new features, get in touch — we'd love to help.

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