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Easily Transfer from Google Domains to DNSimple

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Google Domains shutting down comes as a blow to Internet operators that have domains with Google. And if you don't want your domain registered at Squarespace, you need to find a new registrar and transfer your domains, which can be a time-consuming process at best.

If you know DNSimple, you're probably familiar with our team's love of automating anything and everything. So of course when we heard about the shutdown, we began looking into API options for facilitating transfers from Google Domains to DNSimple.

However, APIs that facilitate easier transfers don't exist at Google. We decided to try another approach — a custom Chrome extension that helps you retrieve auth codes and submit them to DNSimple. And you don't even need to give us access to any of your Google credentials.

We'll take a look at what this means and how you can leverage our new extension to transfer your domains quickly and easily to DNSimple (and why you want to). But if you've heard enough and you're ready to get started right now, explore our plans and give DNSimple a try free for 30 days.

What's a Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions are programs you can install in your Chrome browser to customize its functionality. These extensions can help you automate certain functions in your browser, modify existing behaviors, and improve your software's convenience.

You can also add Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge and Opera, or port them into Firefox.

How does it work?

Our Chrome Extension simplifies the process of transferring domains from Google Domains to DNSimple. Let's go over how it functions and the steps involved in transferring domains.

To get started now, install the extension from the Chrome web store here.

Domain gathering and API integration

The extension starts by accessing the domains page on Google Domains and gathers all the visible domains listed on the page. These domains are securely stored in the extension's storage for further processing.

During this process, the extension interacts with the DNSimple API to check the status of each domain. This API integration lets the extension retrieve essential information about the domains, like whether they're premium.

Domain transfer preparation

After gathering and storing the domain names, the extension displays a list of the domains available for transfer. Choose which domains to move to DNSimple, and follow the guided workflow to prepare your domain for a zero-downtime transfer.

DNS record sync

The extension uses the DNSimple API to automatically create the selected domains as "hosted" domains on DNSimple's platform. This sets the stage for DNS record synchronization.

The existing DNS records are scraped from the Google Domains dashboard, and another API call is made to DNSimple to sync these records with the corresponding hosted domain. This ensures all the DNS settings are replicated on DNSimple, minimizing the risk of downtime during the transfer.

It can translate Google Domains's custom record types, like HTTPS and ALIAS, to their DNSimple equivalents — URL and ALIAS. It also identifies and highlights DNS record types not supported for transfer, like TLSA and SVCB records. This lets you know ahead of time, so you can prepare any integrations that rely on currently unsupported DNS record types.

Name server update

After DNS records have been synced, the extension prompts you to update the name servers for each domain to point to DNSimple. This is a critical step, as it guarantees the domain will resolve correctly during and after the transfer process.

AuthCode retrieval

Once the domains are gathered and their status is determined, the extension moves on to the AuthCode retrieval step. For each domain in the list, the extension navigates you to the domain registration page.

Using web automation techniques, the extension interacts with the elements on the registration page. Depending on the domain's status, the extension performs the necessary actions, like unlocking the domain and requesting the AuthCode, or directly requesting the AuthCode if the domain is already unlocked. These are automated to streamline the process and reduce manual effort.

The extension captures the AuthCode for each domain and repeats this process for all the domains in the list.

Transfer initiation and UI updates

Once all the AuthCodes are captured, the extension displays a Transfer button next to each domain it has an AuthCode for.

After you click the Transfer button, the extension makes an API request to DNSimple to initiate the transfer process. This API request includes the necessary information, like the domain name and the corresponding AuthCode.

Throughout the transfer process, the extension updates its user interface (UI) to reflect the current state of the transfer request. This gives you real-time feedback for a seamless transfer experience.

Why transfer your domains to DNSimple?

DNSimple is focused on DNS management — it's our core offering, and not just an add on or afterthought like you'll find with many registrars. We're constantly adding new features to make your domain management easier. Our expert team is always here if you need help or have questions. And we'll never try to sell you add-ons and products you don't need. We've got detailed posts about why you should choose DNSimple, so let's make this a TL;DR of some of our newest and favorite features that keep your domains up, running, and secure.

Free WHOIS privacy — We offer free WHOIS privacy with auto renewal so you can set it, forget it, and never deal with annoying expiration emails again.

Strong security — Our DDoS protection and one-click DNSSECkeep your domains secure at no extra cost, no matter which plan you're on. Security features like MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) help ensure only people you trust have access to your domains.

Ease of use — DNSimple's simple, user-friendly UI makes it easy to get set up and make changes when you need to. Our new Integrated Providers feature with AWS Route 53 lets you manage your DNS across platforms, all in one place.

Robust API — Our API helps you automate as much of your domain management as possible. Take a look at our extensive documentation to see what you can do with DNSimple.

Get started with DNSimple

You're in control of your domains, and you're allowed to transfer your domain at any time to a new registrar. But some rules apply depending on your TLD. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) has a comprehensive overview on transferring your domain name. For transferring a domain to DNSimple, take a look at this handy support doc, our guide to transferring domains without downtime, or drop us a line with any questions you might have.

Whether you are a lone developer working on your next killer project, or a seasoned business looking for solid, reliably-managed DNS, DNSimple has a plan for you. If you have more questions or want to talk more about your domain management needs, get in touch — we'd love to chat.

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