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How empathy is part of our differentiation strategy

Everything is part of your product. What we choose not to do is as important as what we do.

The four slides for an entire presentation

The minimum amount of slides configuration for a complete presentation.

How user feedback helped us redesign our account page

We listened to your feedback and redesigned the account page to better serve your needs.

How HTTPS works

😽 We made a comic to tail you how HTTPS works. We have a good feline about this 😸

Why we redesigned our header

A UX journey from copy confusion to a new header

A process to evaluating an User Interface

We ran our User Interface through an usability test and this is what we found out.

Perspective switch, the first step towards a good UX

Creating a product from the users perspective is our challenge, because we know what's behind the curtain. Inherited assumptions are our enemy.

Domain Management Automation

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