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DNSimple API Update - Manage Contacts

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I've just pushed an update to the DNSimple API that adds support for listing, describing, creating and deleting DNSimple contacts through the API. DNSimple contacts are used as the registrant for domains that are registered through DNSimple or transferred into DNSimple from another registrar. If you're using DNSimple to register domain names then you'll need these API commands to get access to contact information needed during domain registration (any contact ID for a contact you manage can be used in the registrant_id field).

The open source Ruby wrapper for DNSimple has also been updated to add commands that wrap these API commands. The new commands are contact:list, contact:describe, contact:create and contact:delete. Check out the source code on GitHub.

In addition I've also updated the API documentation to include the examples for the contact API and mentioned that you can send JSON or XML when sending API requests. This feature has always been available but was previously undocumented.

Finally I've made some minor changes to the web interface to add some explanation text where there was none before. I hope this helps clarify some of the elements of the DNSimple web interface. Enjoy!

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