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Two Factor Authentication Support for API

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Here at DNSimple, we have been proudly offering account two-factor authentication since 2012. However, our API never got updated to properly support this security feature.

Supporting 2FA in our API, as well in our iPhone app, has always been in our roadmap and that was one of the several reasons we had to roll out API versioning.

Today, I'm very happy to announce that 2FA support is now available for API v1.

How does it work?

Read this article to learn how to make your API implementation 2FA compatible.

Please note that 2FA support will only be available in API v1. If you are still using API v0, please upgrade to v1 as soon as possible to take advantage of 2FA.

Also note that API v0 is no longer supported since June 30th and, to ensure that v0 will not be used to bypass 2FA, we will discontinue it very soon. Please upgrade to v1 as soon as possible, or your integration may stop working when we will start rejecting API calls targeting v0.


2FA support is available right now both in production and sandbox v1 API.

However, to avoid breaking existing application already using v1, the feature is not currently enabled by default. You can enable it by sending the additional HTTP header X-DNSimple-2FA-Strict with value 1.

You should start testing and updating your integration to support 2FA as soon as possible.

2FA in API will be eventually turned on by default in September. At that point, the X-DNSimple-2FA-Strict will no longer have effect since it will be the default for everyone.

In the same date, API v0 will be taken offline and no request will be served anymore from v0.

We will post the exact rollout date in the next few days. With this announcement, we are also officially holding off the shut down phase for API v1, originally announced for June 30th.

An update for our officially maintained API clients is on the way. In the meanwhile, you can use the API token instead of the HTTP Basic Auth.

Expected changes

This is also a friendly reminder that there are some planned changes we have been advertising for a while. If you started using our API more than one year ago, you may also want to review them to make your current implementation is compatible.

If you have any questions about this change, please email

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