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Last week we announced a new set of plans. Compared to the past, these plans are no longer based on the number of domains, instead they are more oriented to the type of service you may need.

The new plans come with a number of included domains as part of the base pricing. Beyond the initial number you'll be charged per domain. When you add a domain to our system or you register a domain with us, we assume by default you'll be using our DNS hosting feature.

We are aware that sometimes you just want to reserve a domain for future use, or add the domain to purchase an SSL certificate, and you don't really want this domain to count against your DNS hosting subscription.

Today we are introducing a new feature to disable/enable DNS hosting for a specific domain. The idea is very simple: if you don't need the DNS hosting for that domain, just turn it off and we won't charge you for it even if you leave the domain in your account.

The number of "paid" vs "total" domains is visible in the account page.

The feature is available right now to all the accounts subscribed to one of the new Personal, Professional or Business plans.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please get in touch.

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