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Terraform 0.9 and DNSimple API v2

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A few weeks ago Hashicorp released Terraform 0.9. Terraform is a provisioning tool developed by Hashicorp that enables you to build, codify, and version your infrastructure. With Terraform you can describe your infrastructure using configuration files that you can store under version control and manage as you would do with any other codebase.

Despite the fact that it was labeled as a minor release (Terraform hasn't reached 1.0 yet); don't let the numbers fool you. Terraform 0.9 was quite a big release. If you don't believe me, simply take a look at the Terraform changelog.

For DNSimple customers, Terraform 0.9 represents a very important upgrade. The DNSimple provider bundled with Terraform was updated to use the new version of the DNSimple API.

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to Terraform 0.9:

These are just some of the examples of what you can do with the new version of Terraform and the official DNSimple Go API client.

If you are upgrading from a previous Terraform version and you were using the API v1, you will need to upgrade the DNSimple provider configuration to use the new API access token. You will also need to specify the Account ID. The procedure is explained in the documentation of the DNSimple Provider for Terraform.

Thanks to the Terraform team for their support, and to all the people who contributed to the DNSimple Provider for Terraform.

Go download Terraform and give it a try!

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