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Uniregistry TLD price increases

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My recent posts here have been about new and exciting news, but unfortunately I have to break this tradition and today I have to share a post about domain price increases.

In March we heard rumors about Uniregistry's intention to increase the price of several TLDs, in some cases by significant amounts. The rumors became news, and at the beginning of the month we received the confirmation.

Starting from September, Uniregistry will increase the price of the following 16 TLDs: .CLICK, .LINK, .HELP, .PICS, .SEXY, .AUDIO, .HOSTING, .CHRISTMAS, .TATTOO, .BLACKFRIDAY, .DIET, .FLOWERS, .GUITARS, .HIPHOP, .PROPERTY, .JUEGOS.

For certain TLDs, the price increase is significant. In one case over 1000% (.AUDIO), and in another 1400% (.HOSTING) compared to the price we pay today. Inevitably, Uniregistry price changes will affect the current price of several TLDs we offer at DNSimple.

As a result of the change, the price for the registration, transfer, and renewal of the following TLDs will be increased:

Additionally, the prices of 6 other TLDs not managed by Uniregistry are going to be to increase as well, due to increases by the corresponding registries. The affected TLDs are .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX, .XXX, .TV, .CA.

In the next few hours we'll send out an email to all our customers with the specific details of the new prices.


Price changes will go live on September 1st for all TLDs.

Domain registrations and renewals executed before that date will be billed at today's price. Domain transfers will be billed at today's price only if they complete before September 1st.

Act today to lock in the best price

We highly encourage you to register or renew your domains as soon as possible – and not after September 1st – to take advantage of current lower prices. Once Uniregistry increases their prices we will be unable to sell the domains at our current prices.

Prices for certain already-registered domains may be grandfathered by the registry on a case-by-case basis. However, we can't guarantee we will be able to apply the previous price for renewal after September 1st. If you have an interest in any of the affected domains, we strongly encourage you to renew them today.

  • If you have a registered domain, you can renew it today for up to the maximum allowed registration period at the current price

  • If you have interest in a domain that belongs to one of these TLDs, register it before the price change

Access your DNSimple account to register, transfer or renew your domains.

I'm very sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. Unfortunately, these price changes originated from the registry and our only option was to take action and pass the information to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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