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Over the past few months, the team at DNSimple has rolled out multiple enhancements, improvements, and new tools to continue making your DNS management easier and more secure than ever. And with more planned, we've decided to create a quarterly feature focus so you always have the latest from DNSimple.

We'll take a quick look at what we've improved, simplified, and added. Click the links in any of the sections below to learn more about each feature.

Improved Domain Management APIs

Our new support for async operations improves handling of registrations, transfers, and renewals. Whether you're using our UI or API, long-running registry transactions will now automatically switch to async mode if necessary, so you don't risk registration requests timing out — regardless of what happens at the registry.

Okta Single Sign-On

Okta single sign-on (SSO) gives you Enterprise-level control over your team's access to DNSimple. Link your accounts with your organization's Okta account today to automate your user management and centralize your organization's identity security so you can manage risk at scale. If you're ready to enable Okta SSO for your organization, check out this video or get in touch, and we'll get you set up.

We also provide Google SSO, and plan to add more SSO providers in the future. Have one you'd like to see us add? let us know

Improving Redundancy

Our new authoritative DNS cache edge supplements our existing cache edge and continues improving our network redundancy. Your domain names are more likely to resolve, even if there are issues with a specific TLD's name servers or ASN.

Name Server Sets

Name server sets save you time and reduce errors so you can more efficiently manage your domain portfolio. Use vanity name servers plus name server sets to migrate those domains to DNSimple, without changing the delegation at the domain registrar. You can reuse the same name servers across multiple zones and domains without having to repeatedly enter the same information.

Newly Added TLDs

DNSimple now supports over 500 top-level domains (TLDs), making it easier than ever to find the domain names that truly reflect your brand and identity. Head to our website to see the full list of supported TLDs

Stay up to date

That wraps up this edition of DNSimple's Feature Focus! Stay up to date with the latest from DNSimple on the Feature page of our blog, and never miss a new release.

Not using DNSimple yet? With all the innovative new features we've been rolling out, now is the perfect time to sign up. Give us a try free for 30 days and see what all the fuss is about.

And as always, if you have any questions about any of the new features or want to chat more about your DNS management needs, get in touch — we'd love to help.

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