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Manage Domain Transfer Locking and Contacts in Terraform

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A few years ago, DNSimple introduced our Terraform Provider as part of our partnership with HashiCorp. Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that allows you to build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently. Our Terraform Provider reduces errors by automating DNS provisioning and management, and saves you time (and headaches) for every new domain you purchase, configure, and deploy.

Today, we're announcing some recent updates to our Terraform Provider that further streamline and secure your domain management processes for contact changes and transfer locking.

These updates ensure a higher level of security and compliance, and help you manage your domains more effectively and efficiently. They're available to all customers, across all plans, so if you automate your DNS management with Terraform, this is for you. If you're ready to explore managing your DNS through DNSimple and Terraform, we've got a tutorial for that.

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Read on to find out what we've updated, how you can use it, and why it makes your domain management simpler and more secure.

Understanding contact changes

The registrant_change_check data source is a game-changer for anyone needing to understand the intricacies of specific top-level domain (TLD) requirements for contact changes.

Example code:

data "dnsimple_registrant_change_check" "example" {
  domain_id   = ""
  contact_id  = 123

This data source lets you determine if your TLD requires any extended attributes for contact changes. It also tells you if a contact change will trigger a trade.

A trade is basically a registry-level domain ownership change. It's crucial for compliance and avoiding potential legal issues. It ensures you're aware of changes before they happen, preventing unwelcome surprises.

Seamlessly implement contact changes

dnsimple_registered_domain resource's contact_id attribute lets you initiate and track contact changes as part of your resource management.

Example code:

resource "dnsimple_registered_domain" "vegan_pizza" {
  name        = ""
  contact_id  =

  extended_attributes = {
	"bio_agree" = "I Agree"

This streamlines the process, ensuring contact updates are part of your Terraform configuration, making your domain management more robust and less prone to errors.

Managing transfer locking

What is transfer locking?

Transfer locking prevents unauthorized domain transfers. It protects your domains from hijacking and unauthorized changes.

Managing transfer locking in Terraform

With the transfer_lock_enabled attribute, you can manage domain transfer locking directly through Terraform. This attribute adds an extra layer of security, ensuring domains are locked from transfer by default, and any changes to this status are tracked and managed through Terraform.

Example code:

resource "dnsimple_registered_domain" "vegan_pizza" {
  domain                = ""
  transfer_lock_enabled = true

Improved domain security

These updates to our Terraform Provider provide a step forward in your domain security, helping you prevent unwelcome surprises, track changes, and further secure your domains against unauthorized changes and theft.

You can also register and manage your domains and leverage the advantages of infrastructure as code — all as part of our Terraform Provider. Want to explore further? You'll find more details along with how to get set up in our support documentation.

If you're not already using DNSimple, give us a try free for 30 days and simplify your domain management with a variety of dev-friendly tools — including our API and Terraform Provider.

Have more questions or want to talk more about your domain management needs? Get in touch — we'd love to chat.

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