At DNSimple we strive to keep the process of purchasing and installing an SSL certificate as simple as possible.

Last year we introduced the SSL certificate wizard to help you with packaging and installing the SSL certificate on the most common web servers and platforms, but we know that going through this process every year is annoying, so today we're very happy to introduce the multi-year SSL certificate feature on all of our new plans.

You can now purchase an SSL certificate for more than one year; just select the number of years when purchasing or renewing your SSL certificate and we will automatically configure your order.

Selecting the numer of years for an SSL certificate

If you purchase an SSL certificate for more than one year, the final price is the base price multiplied by the number of years. For example, a 3-year single name certificate is $20 * 3 = $60.

As usual, we love to hear from our customers. If you have any feedback about this feature, let us know.