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Using Elixir in DNSimple's API - A Toolkit Roundup

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Whether you're developing in Elixir at home or for your business, the DNSimple API is the best way to automate your domain management. We've put together a lot of resources to make integrating your Elixir applications with DNSimple super easy. Let's take a look at some of the tools and posts that we've developed for the Elixir community.


Since 2016, we've supported Elixir as a first-class client to the DNSimple API through our official DNSimple Elixir client. With the DNSimple Elixir client, you can call any of our API endpoints directly from your Elixir code. Getting started with the Elixir client is easy, just take a look at the README on GitHub. Or you can start with the Elixir examples in our DNSimple API Examples repository on GitHub.

We also have a project called ExDNS. It's an Elixir authoritative DNS server that's a port of our Erlang authoritative DNS server erldns. ExDNS is open source, as is erldns, so feel free to look around the code and provide pull requests if you're interested.

Blog Posts

Eager to find out more about how DNSimple and Elixir work together? The DNSimple team has written a number of blog posts about Elixir over the years. Javier wrote a three-part series on using the DNSimple Elixir client. Part 1 covers how to get started, including installing the client, authenticating, and getting your account ID. In part 2, Javier explains how to check for domain availability, and in part 3 he explains how register a domain. With these three posts, you can start your journey with Elixir and DNSimple.

Ole has also written a blog post that shows a fun way to (ab)use the DNS protocol to build an eventually consistent key-value store. He also wrote a post late last year covering how to speed up dialyzer in your Continuous Integration environment with PLT caching. If you're building often with a CI environment (you are, right?!), then this post may be useful to you. Following that post, Ole wrote another about using GenStage with low volume data sources. This post originated out of an internal project and how Elixir can be used to orchestrate sequential processing steps.

More resources

If you're interested in watching videos about Elixir, take a look at the lighting talk I gave at Elixir London in 2016 showing how to use the DNSimple Elixir client to register a domain name. It's quick and easy, so give it a shot!

We also created this handy guide to getting started with Elixir in DNSimple's API. You can use our sandbox environment to explore our API even if you don't have an active subscription - just follow the instructions in the guide.

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